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Fresh Free Range Eggs

Chester: Christleton · Boughton · Guilden Sutton · Hoole

Free Range Eggs from Christleton Orchard Range

Our Egg Journey

"Our Free Range Egg business began quite by accident! Taking us from 'happy accident', to starting a free range eggs business. Since then, our Christleton Orchard Range, free range eggs business has grown steadily." [Read More...]

Buying Local

"We have a growing number of local retail shops stocking our free range eggs. Currently in Chester areas of Christleton, Boughton, Hoole and Guilden Sutton. Check whether your local store stock our free range eggs yet." [Read More...]

Eating Local

“We supply local restaurants, cafe’s, and sandwich makers in and around Chester. Our commercial customers value free range eggs and believe in serving the very best fresh produce, locally sourced, for you, their customers.” [Read More…]

Where to buy fresh Christleton Orchard Range eggs

Who Eats Our Eggs?

COR egg halves in dishFriends and Family – of course! Our faithful regular buyers love eating and baking with our eggs too!

Also, lots of Mums and Dads, Grans and Grandads, children of Guilden Sutton After School Club and people connected to MS Society in Saltney and, last but my no means least, Chris’s work colleagues who have supported our business from the very beginning!

You may have eaten them too, without knowing it, in dishes lovingly created by these local eateries.

Chicken & Egg Journal

What comes first, the
chicken or the egg?

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